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Brushed Copper Tiki Torch Head
Item#: 1910518

The Brushed Copper Tiki Torch Head will give your backyard the contemporary look you have been waiting for! Take away the messy hassle of filling torches with fuel and instead, use a match lit or electronic ignition tiki torch head. Featured with flame sensers, the electronic torches can be easily controlled with a remote control.


  • Outdoor copper gas tiki torch head
  • Remote start with remote control or wall switch
  • Adjustable flame with low gas usage
  • Single head perfect for column mounting

Perfect for barbecues, bonfires, family gatherings, or romantic evenings, this Brushed Copper Tiki Torch Head is ready to illuminate your backyard. The tiki torch head can be mounted on columns, surrounding your favorite area of the yard or patio. The burner assembly is constructed with 304 stainless steel for durability, while the safety of the accent piece turns off if there is no flame presence. Keeping things stylish and convenient, the tiki torch will match any existing decor.


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