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Desert Steel Saguaro Cactus Torch - 6.5 ft
Item#: 50400004

Ever since the days of Sam Houston and his Texas Rangers, the western motif has captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Now you can take home a modern interpretation of one of the west's most iconic images: the Saguaro Cactus. Hand-crafted in Kansas, the Desert Steel Saguaro Cactus Torch - 6.5 ft combines the classic look of the cactus with elegance of fire. Containing three torch canisters, this cactus spouts flames from each of its two arms, along with the center trunk, to create a magical twist on your outdoor lighting.


  • Constructed from galvanized steel
  • Dimensions: 25" W x 78" H
  • Average burn time of 4 to 6 hours

The base of the Desert Steel Saguaro Cactus Torch - 6.5 ft is built to be mounted to a concrete pad to enhance stability. The center of this cactus has a hole in the bottom of its trunk which is a perfect place to put landscape lighting and increase the ambiance created by this truly unique design. The torch canisters are designed to be simple to refill. Simply slide the easily accessible canister out of its holder, pop off the top, and fill it with your choice of torch fuel! Bring the west home with this maintenance-free and weather-resistant alternative to make your yard the envy of all your neighbors!


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