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33" 1500 Watt Infratech Patio Heater - 240V
Item#: 55700004

Extend your backyard fun or heat your commercial area with this 33" 1500 Watt Infratech Patio Heater - 240V. This patio heater incorporates a specially designed electric quartz heating element that produces safe infrared radiant energy. Radiant energy is only absorbed by solid objects and is not wasted heating the air.


  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors - ceiling, wall or flush mount
  • Mounting brackets included
  • No moving parts - low maintenance
  • No tanks to fill
  • UL Listed

Since there are no open flames or carbon monoxide emissions, the mounting clearance requirements on the 33" 1500 Watt Infratech Patio Heater - 240V are minimal. This fixture can be installed at lower mounting heights, under canvas, wood awnings, eaves and in interior locations. Its adjustable swivel mounts allow for ceiling or wall installation, while the short standoffs allow the fixture to seamlessly blend in with any restaurant or patio decor. The parabolic reflector is made of a special corrosive resistant alloy, an important feature for humid climates or coastal areas.

Please Note: Solid state and analog controls are available for intensity adjustment, including multiple zones, timers and home system integration.

Note: In order to maintain the highest quality in their construction and performance, Intratech heaters are designed to be hard wired to a dedicated circuit by a licensed electrician. These heaters cannot be plugged into a wall outlet and it is not recommended that these be installed by anyone but a professional.


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