Horse Flame Ranger HF-917UB Wood Burning Stove
Item#: 5170632

A Woodland Direct Exclusive

The Horse Flame Ranger HF-917UB Wood Burning Stove is a European designed stove that offer design and function. Rated at 37,600 BTUs this stove is capable of heating your living space. The 1.15 cubic foot firebox will take 12" logs and holds a fire for over 8 hours.


  • Heat Output: 37,600 BTUs
  • Burn Time: 8 hours
  • Efficiency: 70%
  • Venting: 6" top vent

This wood stove is clean burning and achieves this reputation with it's Non-Catalytic Clean Burn system. The full view air washed glass stays clear through intense burns, allowing you a view of the flame at all times without soot buildup that plagues systems without this technology.

This unit features a top flue outlet allow you to vent from. The venting diameter is 6" and can be single or double walled depending on your clearances. The baffle is easy to remove for chimney cleaning and the ash pan has easy access to clean as well.

Please Note: This unit cannot be used in Canada.


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