Breckwell Solstice P7000 Black Pellet Stove
Item#: 4250088

The elegance and craftsmanship of the Breckwell Solstice P7000 Black Pellet Stove has certainly been noticed by industry leaders and customers alike. Most recently, it was named a Vesta Award Finalist, a prestigious designation given by Hearth & Home Magazine to honor innovation in design and technology in the hearth, patio and barbecue industries.

This black metallic pellet stove has the sleek look of European circular stoves and the durable craftsmanship of American-made products. Its heavy steel construction promotes extended reliability and sturdiness, while its unique tri-source heat distribution allows for maximum coverage. Additionally, its cast iron burn pot is removable for simple cleaning and maintenance.


  • 80% efficiency rating
  • Approved installation types: mobile home, alcove, and conventional
  • Convection blower included
  • High thermal efficiency offers superior heat output
  • Special air wash system helps to keep glass clean

The Breckwell Solstice P7000 Black Pellet Stove is clearing the way in wood pellet stove design and function. The Solistice P7000 meets or exceeds all federal emissions standards, making it the environmentally conscious choice for your home heating needs.


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