Heartland 30" Classic Electric Range Stove - Cobalt
Item#: 46700087

Turn up your cooking performance with the durable Heartland 30" Classic Electric Range Stove - Cobalt. With a Eurokera ceramic top and ribbon electric burners, this range delivers high performance and efficiency.


  • Warming Drawer: 130ºF - 220ºF
  • Oven Size: 4 cubic feet
  • Bake & Broil Elements: 3,000 Watts
  • Four burners for total of 4,400 W of power

This unit is an exquisitely designed range that has the ultimate functionality. This unit is a true cooking center with a commercial cooktop, state-of-the-art oven, powerful vent hood and warming drawer with humidity control.

The Heartland 30" Classic Electric Range Stove - Cobalt features a temperature sensor to cycle the burner on and off if it overheats or is left unattended. The proximity heat indicators stay lit until the burners are cool enough to touch. With a 16" bridge element has three control zones for a total of 4,400 Watts of power.

The roomy and energy efficient, 4 cu. ft. of oven space offers more levels of racking than you may be able to fill. This unit comes with 3 oven racks and 4 different levels to position them. You can cook from a selection of cooking modes from conventional to convection.

The spacious warming drawer is located directly below the oven and ensures a well-timed meal with the capacity to hold 18 dinner plates. It is temperature controlled (up to 220ºF) with low, medium and high settings. Warm your fresh bread, allow pizza dough to rise or keep soup piping hot. The humidity control in the drawer also gives you the choice between moist and crisp.

The overhead closet opens to reveal the electronic oven controls. The clock/timer and touch pad are easy to use and allow you to program cooking times. The speed of the fully integrated 350 CFM exhaust fan is efficient and quiet.

This range can be used without venting as long as the natural ventilation holes are open. With a ventless installation the cooking fumes are drawn through the filters and exhausted through the rear of the hood, back into the room. You can vent the range through an outside wall or through an attic to an outside wall by removing the air deflector and installing duct piping (please see manual).

Please Note: The Manufacturer does not validate the product warranty when sold outside of the US.


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