Osburn 1500 Wood Stove
Item#: 3470003

The Osburn 1500 Wood Stove has a high-quality 1/8" stainless steel baffle. With its 55,000 BTUs/hour performance, this stove is easy to light, providing quick heat. In addition, its reduced exterior dimensions and minimal clearance requirements make it an ideal choice for small spaces.


  • Heating Capacity: 500-1500 sq. ft.
  • Variable speed blower included
  • Burn time: 3 - 5 hours
  • Optimum Efficiency: 85%

The Osburn 1500 Wood Stove has an easy access ash pan with safety lid so you can clean up easily. It also comes standard with an ultra-quiet blower with variable speed so you can control the heat output into the room.


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