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Wood Burning Inserts

Being cost-effective is always important, but not when it comes at the price of a style that fits you. Our line of wood burning inserts is designed so that you don’t have to sacrifice style over substance – fitting right into your existing firebox, these inserts transform a non-functional fireplace into a cheerful blaze that will burn cleanly and naturally for hours.

Under 25" Fireplace Inserts

There is a space and a place for all things, and here at Woodland Direct we want to be sure that you’ve got the right size to fit your needs. Each one of these fireplaces are clean burning and highly efficient, and starting at 25” and under, they’ll make the ideal size for a smaller space, such as an apartment, condo, or home office.

Pellet Fireplace Inserts

Turning wood waste – and other biomass – into a dense energy source for in-home heating, pellet fireplaces can be a great alternative to a gas or oil unit. And since wood, wheat husks, shelled corn, and any other fuel you use in a pellet fireplace is renewable, these models are a more eco-friendly choice as well. With the easy installation of a fireplace insert, these pellet burners are a great choice for quick, green, easy heating.

Fireplace Inserts Made in the USA

All of these fireplace inserts have been designed, manufactured, and assembled right here in the United States, instilled with a core of stringent durability, and then finished with homespun originality. When it comes to stability, loyalty, and superiority, there is no substitute for an American-made product. With each and every fireplace insert, you can feel safe knowing that your home is kept warm by a quality you can rest in.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

Equipped with all the easy installation of a fireplace insert, these ventless fireplaces are made even simpler by the fact that they require no outside ventilation. Specially designed with hidden burners behind the logs, these models are crafted to supply just enough air to the burner so that the fire is sustained with the highest possible efficiency.

Direct Vent Fireplace Inserts

Taking a step further toward safety and security, direct vent fireplaces pull air in and out of the burner without ever affecting the air in your home. All of this is completed by a concentric vent system, which maintains the separate airways and improves heat distribution, all the while keeping the air that you breathe warm and smoke-free.

Brand: Timberwolf Inserts

Aiming to provide economic solutions for the rising costs of home heating, Timberwolf supplies quality wood burning inserts that can burn cleanly for up to eight hours at a time. Founded on quality products that are made to last, Timberwolf Economizer Wood Inserts are EPA certified and come with a dual blower system, a black cast iron door, and an outstanding 86% efficiency rating.

Brand: Osburn Inserts

Finding a beginning in simple wood stoves back in 1979, Osburn has been on the forefront of development in pellet, gas, and wood burning excellence since they started. Later absorbed into the highly regarded Stove Builder International in 2002, and have only elevated in quality and efficiency since, never losing sight of their initial passion and commitment to the industry.

Brand: Napoleon Inserts

Dedicated to innovative engineering and design, Napoleon stands renowned as an industry leader in excellent customer service, advanced manufacturing techniques, superior warranties, and exceptional product quality. Napoleon works directly with their clients in an attempt to develop innovative fireplace design, which in turn shape the course of modern heating.

Brand: Kingsman Inserts

First founded in 1976, Kingsman has grown over time into an industry standard for luxury and class. Boasting heating efficiency of up to 75%, Kingsman puts careful thought and detail into each model, always holding true to their signature style of modern design and classic grandeur, without ever sacrificing consistent functionality.

B-Vent Fireplace Inserts

Specifically designed to carry all the allure of a natural fireplace without any of the hassle. B-vent fireplaces use room air to aid in combustion, and are often a cost effective alternative to mainstream units. Unlike direct vent or ventless fireplaces, B-vent models utilize the buoyancy of hot gasses to expel exhaust through a dedicated pipe system.

31" & Larger Fireplace Inserts

If you’re looking to bring the heat to a larger space, such as a restaurant or a large living room, these fireplace inserts run 31” and up, affording a much wider area of exposure, a longer burn time, and a higher level of intensity. Best of all, these fireplace inserts slip right into your existing hearth, so you can get the fire started right away.

25"-30" Fireplace Inserts

For those in search of a comfortable way to keep warm during the long winter months, our 25” to 30” fireplace inserts will fit into any mid-sized conventional fireplace, keeping you and yours toasty even when snow is falling. It’s never too late, either – our inserts are quick and easy to install, meaning that you can have your fire burning in only a matter of days.

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