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Kingsman FV200 Free Standing Vented Gas Stove
Item#: 3580001

The Kingsman FV200 Free Standing Vented Gas Stove is well suited for replacement of wood stoves as it can utilize the existing wood stove chimney. It is the ultimate free standing gas stove for replacement of a wood stove or renovation.


  • Hi/Lo SIT valve
  • 100% safety shut off
  • Input: 30,000BTUs NG/32,000 BTUs LP
  • Listed for USA/Canada as a vented room heater

Select from a millivolt or intermittent pilot ignition system. The millivolt valve system does not use electricity, but has a standing pilot which allows operation during a power failure with hi-low heat and flame adjustment. The intermittent pilot ignition is electronic and uses an electrode to ignite the pilot. The IPI system ensures the pilot flame extends over the burner for immediate ignition and it conserves energy when the appliance is not in operation.

The dual burner system offers a realistic flame pattern! The included cast log set is a concrete base material that holds heat longer and has a greater detail for added realism. The unit has a spill safety switch, which will shut down the appliance in case of a blocked flue or downdraft occurs.

The Kingsman FV200 Free Standing Vented Gas Stove uses air-cooled pipe (B-vent), or gas flex liners to vent appliances. These types of appliances use room air for combustion and exhaust through the B-vent pipe or flexible gas liner. Vented appliances are not as restricted in venting length as compared to direct-vent appliances and can utilize existing chimney systems by running a gas flex liner into existing chimneys and terminating with a rain cap and flashing.


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