Napoleon GDS50-1N Direct Vent Gas Stove
Item#: 3550005

This Napoleon GDS50-1N Direct Vent Gas Stove is a sophisticated gas stove that offers many benefits - a built-in blower, extra large heat exchanger, easily accessible controls and solid body construction and a triple state-of-the-art burner system allowing superior heating efficiency. This, combined with clean-burning, environmentally friendly technology, makes the GDS50 the perfect choice to add long-lasting value to your home!

A stunning maximum 44,000 BTU's in natural gas provide outstanding performance and 86% steady state maximum efficiency! The triple-burner effect includes an advanced "furnace type" 14,000 BTU burner behind logs, acting as a "turbo boost" for those colder days and nights. Comes with metallic black trivet and ornamental inset.

A patented B-vent adapter kit conveniently modifies the direct vent stove into a conventional B-vent unit. Approved for bathroom (direct vent only) bedroom, bed-sitting room and basement installations. Mobile Home Approved.

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