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Vertical Log Splitters

Vertical Log Splitters are the perfect tool for splitting large and cumbersome logs. Just roll the log up to your Horizontal Log Splitter, and let the machine do the work for you. Vertical Log Splitters often have higher splitting force to handle these large logs. You’ll be amazed at how easily your Vertical Log Splitter will work through your wood pile.

Towable Log Splitters

Towable Log Splitters are heavy duty industrial machines designed to stand up to the rigors of everyday use. They are designed to be towed with a standard trailer hitch. Towable Log Splitters generally have very high splitting capacity and are mostly Gas Powered units. Some larger electrical units can be towed as well. Tow your Log Splitter wherever you need to process wood.

Manual Log Splitters

Manual Log Splitters are perfect for anyone who will not be splitting logs on a daily basis. If you would like to save some money and still have a capable Log Splitter, than the Manual Log Splitter is the tool for you. Stow you splitter away in the trunk of your car, or carry it to where the wood is. Manual Log Splitters take a lot of the work out of splitting logs while not requiring the maintenance associated with electric or gas powered log splitters.

Log Splitting Accessories

Wedge Drivers, Post Drivers, and Log lifters. All of these are tools that can greatly enhance your Log Splitting Capability. Shop our Log Splitting Accessory category for all the items that will help get that log pile cut, stacked and ready to use as firewood.

Log Splitters - Under 20 Tons

For many users, Log Splitters with a capacity of 20 tons or less will be more than sufficient for splitting the firewood on their property. This Category will include both manual splitters, and smaller gas or electric models. If you are someone who will be using your Log Splitter around your home, or doesn’t have the need for a more expensive Log Splitter, the 20 ton and below category may contain just the Log Splitter you’re searching for.

Log Splitters - 20-30 Tons

Log Splitters that are capable of splitting force between 20 and 30 tons are great for someone with a lot of wood to split. A step up into this category will allow you to split much larger and denser logs. Many models in this category can be loaded either horizontally or vertically. Log Splitting just because a whole lot easier with these models!

Log Splitter Information

Choose the best Log Splitter for your wood working needs.

Horizontal Log Splitters

Horizontal Log Splitters are a great way to split firewood of all types. In a Horizontal Log Splitter, firewood is placed on the beam. The log is then safely split without the need to keep it stable with your hands. Horizontal Log splitters are also good for splitting logs on uneven ground. Choose a Horizontal Log splitter and start splitting logs with safety and ease.

Gas Log Splitters

Gas Powered Log Splitters are the most powerful splitting machines available. Some Gas Log splitters can have splitting force ratings in excess of 40 tons! When you are unable to access an electrical outlet, a Gas Powered Log Splitter is the only tool that keeps on splitting wood. Many even have trailer hitches that allow them to be towed right to the job site.

Electric Log Splitters

Electric Log Splitters have some great features, like being quiet and powerful. Electric Log Splitters offer many of the conveniences of Gas Log Splitters with none of the harmful emissions. Electric Log Splitters can be used in garages or anywhere where electricity is available. Electric Log Splitters are generally very portable as well.

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