Osburn 1800 Wood Stove
Item#: 3470005

The Osburn 1800 Wood Stove symbolizes Osburn's elegance and technical know-how. This unit is part of a flagship line with it's bay window - an exclusive feature on an EPA certified stove - which provides a unique view of the wood fire.


  • Heating Capacity: 500-1,800 sq. ft.
  • Heat Output: 65,000 BTUs max
  • Optimum Efficiency: 75%
  • Overall Dimensions: 23.25" W x 26.625" D x 30.25" H

This Osburn 1800 Wood Stove is equipped with a detachable trivet and practical covered ashtray. This tray will allow you to clean up with ease and keep the fire going.


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