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Pellet Furnaces

Pellet furnaces became popular as people turned to alternate forms of heating with less environmental impact. Pellet furnaces burn clean and efficiently, using a range of biomass fuels to heat homes and other commercial spaces. These fuels, which can include wood, corn, and grass pellets, are heavily compressed natural sources. Because these materials are compressed into dense pellets, they contain significantly less water than other wood equivalents, allowing pellet furnaces to produce more heat and give off fewer pollutants than regular heating units. By purchasing one of these furnaces, you’ll cut back your heating costs, while reducing your environmental footprint – it’s a win-win!


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You can depend on pellet furnaces to be a cost effective and reliable way to heat your home. These heating systems use a range of biomass fuels - from wood and grain pellets to wheat, rye or cherry pits – providing warmth to your home or office. Best of all, pellet furnaces are clean-burning and expend minimal emissions, allowing you to reduce your environmental footprint without the effort.


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