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Breckwell Sonora P23 Pellet Stove Insert
Item#: 4250044

Because of its heavy steel construction, convenient ash drawer, and whisper quiet blowers, the Breckwell Sonora P23 Pellet Stove Insert is both an excellent pellet stove and huge value! This small stove fits nicely into alcoves and other tiny spaces, and is also authorized for mobile home installation. Simply put, the Sonora P23 is the answer for those looking for an alternative method of heating their homes. It provides up to 55 hours of heating from one load of fuel alone!

The Sonora P23 is heat and energy efficient; it delivers comfortable heat for up to a 2200 sq. ft. area, and provides a 42,000 BTU capacity. It's also never been easier to start the fire. You can now eliminate the complication with Breckwell's innovative "Hot Rod" automatic firestarter and enjoy the instant gratification of an immediately warming room.


  • 81% efficiency rating
  • Approved installation types: masonry, zero-clearance, and built-in
  • Dimensions: 20.5" W (at rear) | 22.5" W (at opening) x 26" D (including ash lip) | 14.25" D (in fireplace) x 19.75" H (in fireplace)
  • Convection blower and ash pan included
  • Automatic fuel feed

Because the Breckwell Sonora P23 Pellet Stove Insert is designed to be an insert, it's much better at retaining heat and will produce fewer emissions than traditional fireplaces. You'll find that the Sonora P23 is the perfect complement for your living space - economically, aesthetically and functionally.


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