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American Panel Standard Hearth Pad - Terracotta
Item#: 2162177

The American Panel Standard Hearth Pad - Terracotta is an attractive and durable protection option for your flooring from the heat and weight of your woodstove. Accent your home with a quality hearth pad! This hearth pad is crafted from a variety of quality porcelain or ceramic tile and slate — expertly finished for maximum durability.


  • Many size options available
  • Jet Black colored grout
  • Pedestal/Riser available to increase R-Value
  • Tested and listed to UL standards

The American Panel Hearth pads are tested and listed to UL Standard 1618/737/1482/127 and NFPA 211 for wall, floor protectors and hearth extensions used with solid fuel appliances. All hearth pads have a standard ember protections (Type I) with an R-Value of 0, but you can upgrade to a thermal protection (Type II) to obtain an R-Value of 1.592. Adding a pedestal/riser will also increase the R-Value of the hearth pad. Please Note: Type II hearth pads are only needed if it is required by the stove manufacturer or local codes.

Choose from a wide range of styles and enjoy the security of knowing your hearth pad meets all government safety standards. These hand crafted hearth pads will offer protection and a great decor addition to your home.


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