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Standard Type II Thermal Hearth Pad
Item#: 2140603

The Standard Type II Thermal Hearth Pad is a durable and safe hearthpad guaranteed to protect your flooring from the intense heat of a woodburning stove. This single piece Cast unit uses a combination of magnesium oxide and ceramic materials to achieve an R-value of 1.6 With no tile or grout it eliminates the concern of cracking.


  • Single cast design
  • Black textured
  • Two sizes available
  • Meets UL-1618 Type II Standard

Fireproof tiles coupled with the completely fireproof construction allows this pad to function as both a flame arrestor and a thermal barrier. Tested and listed by Intertek Test Labs to meet UL-1618 Type 2 standard.

Please size your hearth pad appropriately to meet local Safety requirements and the requirements of your appliance as listed in the manual.


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