US Stove 24A Wood/Coal Furnace - 24" Firebox
Item#: 3500020

The US Stove 24A Wood/Coal Furnace - 24" Firebox is a fantastic way to heat your house. This multi-purpose, solid fuel furnace demonstrates its versatility by providing warm air central duct heating and by pre-heating domestic hot water (with its optional kit). This unit will extend the useful life of the home hot water heater, while paying dividends to the family pocket book.


  • Two 550 CFM speed distribution blowers included
  • 125,900 BTUs/hr
  • Heating capacity: 1,750 - 2,250 sq.ft.

Built by America's oldest solid fuel home heating manufacturer, the US Stove 24A Wood/Coal Furnace - 24" Firebox uses a pleasant dry heat to warm your home. It utilizes durable, cast-iron shaker grates that are capable of burning both wood and coal with maximum efficiency. The rigid two-piece, welded firebox design is sustained by firebrick lined side walls, as well as heavy-duty cast iron front and rear liners.

This furnace is NOT eligible for sale in California or Washington State.


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