Fire Chief Water Coil with Hole Saw
Item#: 43400008

Cut the costs of heating your hot water supply with this Fire Chief Water Coil with Hole Saw. This water coil fits inside the firebox on the rear of your Fire Chief Indoor Furnace, making this enhancement both unobtrusive and well-designed.


  • Made in the USA
  • Ideal for 30 - 60 gallon tanks
  • Includes Stainless steel hot water loop, mounting hardware, gaskets, and hole saw
  • 24"L x 7"W x 1"H

Heat everything from bathing water to the water that you'll use in the kitchen by installing the Fire Chief Water Coil with Hole Saw. Not only will it reduce monthly utility costs, but it will also help minimize your dependence on limited fossil fuel supplies. To ensure proper safety, have a qualified professional connect your domestic hot water pipe to the coil using the appropriate fittings. This part is for use with the Fire Chief Indoor add-on furnaces.


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