WoodSaver Stovepipe Thermometer
Item#: 1080010

The WoodSaver Stovepipe Thermometer will help you add to the efficiency of your wood burning stove. This Made in the USAthermometer will show you how to burn your fires in the optimum operation range, making them last longer and preventing chimney fires.


  • Fahrenheit and Celsius scales
  • Directions provided to aid in extending burn time, saving wood, reducing creosote, and avoiding chimney fires
  • Bail-type handles allow you to move it off hot surface without burning your fingers

The WoodSaver Stovepipe Thermometer is made from top grade materials. This thermometer is constructed from bimetallic coils and corrosion-resistant parts. The markings on this thermometer range from too cool to best operation to overheating, so that it's clear to read and easy to understand. It's also constructed to attach to your stovepipe magnetically, adding to it's convenience.


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