Woodland Direct Stovetop Thermometer
Item#: 1080024

Get the most out of your wood burning stove when you use the Woodland Direct Stovetop Thermometer alongside it. This premium quality porcelain enamel thermometer will show you how to burn your fires in the optimum operation range, making your wood stove last longer and preventing chimney fires. It’s even designed with three designated zones, so that you can clearly see the best burning range!


  • Helps prevent underfiring and a dirty chimney
  • Made in the USA
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius scales
  • Directions provided to aid in extending burn time, saving wood, reducing creosote, and avoiding chimney fires
  • Allows you to operate your woodstove most safely and efficiently

The Woodland Direct Stovetop Thermometer is made from top grade materials. This thermometer is constructed from bimetallic coils and corrosion-resistant parts. It also includes a safety screw for mounting it permanently to the stovepipe. If you prefer not to cut a hole in your stove pipe for permanent mounting, you can also attach it magnetically.


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