Caframo Ecofan AirMax Heat-powered Wood Stove Fan - Black
Item#: 1410027

The Caframo Ecofan AirMax Heat-powered Wood Stove Fan - Black is a heavy duty unit made to work efficiently with your wood or pellet stove. The fan is constructed to circulate warm air throughout the room, increasing the warmth and comfort of the room for you and your family. Designed to sit on top of any freestanding wood or pellet stove, the fan saves energy and money when it quickly disperses the heat throughout the entire room. Without a fan, the stove's heat tends to remain directly above the stove at ceiling height.


  • Produces maximum amounts of airflow
  • Circulates warm air throughout entire room
  • Sits on top of freestanding stoves
  • Effective with wood or pellet stoves
  • Energy and cost efficient

Using EcoSmart technology, this fan generates its own electricity without using cords or batteries. When it is placed on top of a stove, the fan automatically begins to distribute heat throughout the room. The fan runs at the stove's pace, speeding up when the stove heats up and shutting off when the stove cools off.

Please Note: This fan is intended to operate free standing on wood stoves with a surface temperature between 185°F — 650°F


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