Caframo Ecofan Gas Stove Fan - Gold
Item#: 1410020

There are very few products that are technologically fascinating and practical, but the Caframo Ecofan Gas Stove Fan - Gold is both! This stove fan represents a unique way to enhance the gas stove heating experience.

  • Constructed with heavy duty anodized aluminum
  • Propeller blade available in gold or nickel finish (shown here in gold)
  • Generates its own electricity from the heat of the stove
  • Outputs 100 CFM
  • Costs nothing to operate - no batteries or electricity necessary

The Caframo Ecofan Gas Stove Fan - Gold generates electricity from the emission of heat, allowing you to use your gas stove even in the event of a power failure. When it is placed on top of a stove, the fan automatically starts and begins to distribute heat throughout the room. Better still, it will arrive on your doorstep completely assembled and ready-to-use.


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