Caframo Ecofan Gas Stove - Nickel 
Item#: 1410021

There are very few products that are technologically fascinating and practical... the Caframo Ecofan Gas Stove - Nickel  is both!


  • Constructed with heavy duty anodized aluminum finish
  • No batteries or electricity needed
  • 150 CFM

This product generates its own electricity from the heat of the stove and increases the efficiency of the stove by improving the circulation of warm air. The Caframo Ecofan Gas Stove - Nickel  saves gas and costs nothing to operate. The Ecofan represents a unique way to enhance the wood stove heating experience. It makes a great gift for anyone with a gas stove! It’s perfectly quiet completely assembled and ready-to-use; sits right on top of the stove and continues working in power outages.


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