1200º Almond Stove Paint-12 oz Spray On
Item#: 2640009

The real value of the 1200 Degree Spray on Almond Stove Paint is the level of protection it can offer your appliances. Stoves, obviously, operate at very high temperatures - temperatures too high for traditional paints. Most paints will crack, peel, and otherwise deteriorate very quickly on the surface of a stove or other such hot appliance. This 1200 Degree Stove Paint offers you an alternative that allows you to paint your stove in the style that you'd like, and in a way that can stand up to harsh treatment. This not only improves the look of your stove, but also enhances the life of the stove by preventing rust, wear, and weathering. This paint is an investment in and an insurance policy towards the future of your stove or other high-temperature appliance.


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