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Century CB00003 EPA Wood Stove
Item#: 59300013

The Century CB00003 EPA Wood Stove is an EPA approved stove with a 77% optimum efficiency level! With a 2.0 cubic foot firebox it can hold 22" logs and burn at a maximum output of 65,000 BTUs/hr.


  • 8-10 hour burn time
  • Ash drawer included
  • Unique air wash system

This Century Wood Stove is sure to heat your home, keeping you and your family warm during cold winter months. With an impressive burn time of 8-10 hours you will not have to keep filling the firebox to keep your home heated.

Constructed of heavy-gauge plate steel with a stainless steel baffle, this stove is sure to remain durable. The metallic black pedestal includes an easy access ash drawer so you can clean it easily.

Please note: When filing your tax credit document the CB00003 will be under FW2700.


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