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Drolet Hunter Wood Stove
Item#: 3490059

The Drolet Hunter Wood Stove is for recreational use only. This model is easy to carry, lightweight, and perfect for hunting and fishing. The maximum log length for this unit is 20 inches, and the top steel thickness is 14 gauge.


  • Temporary and easy to carry
  • Flat black
  • Steel thickness (top): Fourteen gauge

Please note: The vast majority of provinces and states that have adopted an EPA/CSAB415.1 standard are targeting residential wood heating. The Drolet Hunter Wood Stove is not a residential heating appliance and does not fall into the category of affected wood heaters. It is a recreational appliance, just like an outdoor fire pit would be. As such, it cannot be installed in a permanent building (cottage, house, etc.) It must be used strictly for recreational purposes in temporary installations like an ice fishing shack or a prospector tent. The only province that has formally opposed the above application is Quebec. This is why Drolet does not sell the Hunter in Quebec, but allow its use in other provinces, provided it is strictly marketed as a recreational appliance.


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