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Wood Stove and Accessories

Wood Stoves Wood Stoves
Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts Wood Fireplace Inserts
Gas Stoves Gas Stoves
Pellet Stoves Pellet Stoves
Hearth Pads Hearth Pads
Blowers & Fans Blowers & Fans
Black Pipe Black Pipe
Chimney Systems Chimney Systems
Chimney Liners Chimney Liners
Wood Stove Accessories Wood Stove Accessories
Wood Stove Kettles Wood Stove Kettles
Wood Stove Steamers Wood Stove Steamers
Wood Stove Trivets Wood Stove Trivets
Wood Stove Glass Wood Stove Glass
Wood Stove Repair and Gaskets Wood Stove Repair and Gaskets
Wood Stove Paint Wood Stove Paint
Log Splitters
Log Splitters

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are easy to use, because all you have to do in order to turn them on is flip a switch!

Hearth Pads

Hearth Pads provide the necessary fire proof protection between a woodstove and the flooring below. Designed with fireproof tiles, these hearthpads are suited for wood, pellet, or gas appliances.

Pellet Stove Accessories

Enhance your pellet stove experience with these helpful Pellet Stove Accessories. If you're looking for something to add décor to your pellet stove, you'll find it all here!

Pellet Stoves

The sight of a wood stove immediately brings warmth and comfort.

Replacement Wood Stove Glass

This category features replacement Ceramic Glass for wood stoves or fireplace doors. It is suitable for wood and coal burning cast iron stoves, pellet stoves, inserts, fireplace doors and many industrial high temperature applications.

Wood Stove Accessories

Looking for fans, hearth pads, trim kits, or stove pipe shams? You’ve come to the right place! Our stove pipe shams are a great way to turn your plain stove pipe into a great accent piece. We have all of the woodstove accessories to fit your needs.

Wood Stove Fans

Stop relying on your wood stove to do all the work - these wood stove fans effectively heat large areas of your home, reducing your winter heating costs altogether! Depending on your preference, there is a choice between powered blowers and electricity-free units to help your wood stove function more efficiently.

Wood Stove Kettles

These kettles are designed to humidify a room and bring in graceful charm at the same time. Delightful atop your wood stove!

Wood Stove Paint and Polish

Make your stove like new again! Our high-quality, specially formulated paint touches up, renews, and protects the finish on steel or cast-iron stoves, ovens, grills, and cookers and is specially designed to resist peeling and blistering when subjected to temperatures up to 1200 F. If all you need is to add a little shine, try our stove polish to make stoves black and shiny.

Wood Stove Repair and Gaskets

This category houses any of the supplies you need for repairing your fireplaces and gaskets.

Wood Stove Steamers

Add an understated, modern beauty to any wood stove. Just add potpourri to the water to fill your room with necessary humidity and a delightful fragrance. These unique steamers add a decorative touch to any stove.

Wood Stove Trivets

Use any of these durable cast iron trivets, also known as a hot plate, under kettles and steamers to protect tables and countertops from heat damage, or as attractive decorative accents on tables, shelves, and walls.

Wood Stoves

Wood Stoves provide a virtually smokeless burn and allow you to heat your home without using electricity. Wood is a dependable and powerful heat source that remains unaffected by the world’s rising fuel costs, making it a natural choice – literally.

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