HY-C Stainless Roof VentGuard
Item#: 1540120

The Roof VentGuardT from HY-C prevents raccoon, opossum, squirrel and other pesky animals from entering your home through roof vents. Most roof vents are made of a plastic material with simple window type screening or no screening at all. Animals can and do chew through these vents to enter the attic where they can destroy wiring, cause leaks and do severe damage to your home. HY-C Roof VentGuardT is made from heavy duty 18 Gauge expanded metal mesh . Animals cannot chew through the strong durable steel mesh of the Roof VentGuard.T Avoid costly repairs and possible injury. Install a HY-C Roof VentGuardT and protect your home and family. Roof VentGuardT is available in many sizes to fit static vents, dryer vents, power ventilators or any additional vent you may have on your roof.

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