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Stainless Steel 2' Flue Stretcher
Item#: 1093033

The Stainless Steel 2' Flue Stretcher raises flues to a whole new level! By incresasing the effective height of the flue the Flues Stretcher solves two problems:

  • Negative house pressures can poll the smoke from one flue down another flue right beside it. Adding the Flue Stretcher to the upstairs flue distances its smoke form the downward pull of the downstairs flue
  • Increase draft by increasing height and putting the flue opening above roofs and other nearby structures.

Flue stretchers are available in multiple sizes (base) 8"x8", 8"x13", 13"x13" and 13"x17" to fit your flue. It easily tightens with screws to the flue tile on all four sides of the base for extra security. Load tests simulating side wind and updraft conditions have demonstrated the flue stretcher mounting system holds tight under severl hundred pounds of force.


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