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Free Standing Fireplace Door Screens

When it comes to fireplace maintenance and cleaning, we think things should be as easy as possible. That’s why we’re offering our lineup of fireplace door screens. Instead of having to lift a heavy fire screen out of the way, all it takes to get to the hearth is flipping the latch and opening the doors.

Single Panel Screens

With a careful emphasis on simplicity and style, our single panel fireplace screens are designed to sit flush against your fireplace opening, effectively maximizing space and protection. We’ve scoured the market for the very best in single panel screens, and we are proud to offer a comprehensive variety that even includes our popular Williamsburg Garland Collection.

Three Panel Screen

Spanning an extensive assortment of three panel fireplace screens, Woodland Direct is excited to list the Williamsburg Fretwork Collection among our lineup. The three panel design affords a strong, traditional style that provides a larger coverage area, made all the more reliable by the additional two panels.

Four & Five Panel Screens

Sometimes a bigger fireplace really is better, but it can also be hard to work with. When it comes to finding the right screen for your extra large fireplace, we know exactly what you need – our catalogue of four and five panel fireplace screens is as diverse as it is expansive, guaranteeing that no matter how big your hearth is, our screens can cover it.

Ornate Design Screens

Flowing curves, subtle lines, and delicate swirls make up the foundation of our ornate design catalogue. For those who are looking to make a subtle statement with a lasting impression, we know exactly what you’re looking after – from Tuscan intricacies to Florentine flourishes, we’ve brought together a sweeping variety of the very best in sophisticated style.

Glass Screens

Sleek and simple, these glass screens blend right into your hearth, understating their own charm by emphasizing your fireplace. Our line of glass fireplace screens capitalizes on a firm levity and a flawless intuition, giving freedom to your fire and an air of tranquility to your home. Choose between sleek glass paneled screens and traditional stained glass.

Stained Glass Fireplace Screens

Handcrafted with the detail and skill of a master artisan, every one of our stained glass fireplace screens is a work of stunning craftsmanship. Brought to life with the light of your fire, the cut glass captures each movement and facet of the flames, transforming your screen into something just as living and beautiful as the fire it covers.

Bowed Screens

Curving around the front of the fireplace, each of our bowed fireplace screens provides a depth of field and a feeling of inclusion not seen in the flatter models. Give your hearth the room to breathe as well as an artistic appeal, taking your fireplace from a sentiment of emptiness to a well rounded completion.

Spark Guard Screens

Offering support and protection for your hearth, our fireplace spark guard screens keep embers and logs in the fire, while keeping your pets and children out. Crafted from hand-forged wrought iron or welded steel, each and every spark guard screen is made with high quality mesh, which is specially woven to ensure that no jagged edges are exposed.

Hearth Fenders

On the cutting edge of modern fireside decoration, hearth fenders add a rustic, elegant attitude to the base of the fireplace. Sculpted out of flowing lines and gentle curves, hearth fenders are able to capture the essence of the outdoors and transport it right into your home, not obscuring the fire, but crowning it instead.

Spark Guard Curtains

Working as an economic alternative to fireplace screens and doors, our fireplace spark guard curtains protect your hearth from rolling logs, sparks, and embers. Made of stainless steel cascade coils, our spark guard curtains lend a tone of rustic domesticity, importing an earthen charm and a rugged warmth to your fireside.

Fireplace Fans

Handmade by a custom artist in Maryland, our wide selection of fireplace fans are a different breed of innovation. Adding a splash of color, a softened glimmer, and a hint of playfulness, fireplace fans find a classy alternative to fireplace screens, while still providing a centerpiece for the flames to rally behind.

Custom Fireplace Screens

For those who are after a special size, a different cut, or just a unique style for their hearth, we provide a significant collection of fireplace screens that come just the way you want them, built to your precise specifications. With styles ranging from handcrafted artistry to plain and simple mesh screens, we’ve sought out the widest selections at the best prices.

Scenic Fireplace Screens

Bring a little bit of the outdoors into your living room with one of these scenic fireplace screens. These rustic screens are finished with a classic black paint to protect against corrosion. Their designs are laser cut for precise designs and realistic depictions of traditional wildlife scenes.

Personalized Screens

Capture the elegance of traditional monograms with one of these personalized fireplace screens. These sturdy mesh screens are all made in the USA and feature either a single or triple panel construction.

Most Popular Fireplace Screens

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