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Large Mouth Bass Arched 3 Panel Fireplace Screen
Item#: 4400014

Conveying a feeling of the rustic and the rugged to the indoors, this Large Mouth Bass Arched 3 Panel Fireplace Screen bears a different kind of simplicity, without losing its classic flavor. Built with a sloping arch and double piano hinges to more easily fit your hearth, this fireplace screen is expertly crafted right here in the United States, forged from iron and finished with delicate care.


  • Double piano hinged design allows for easy movement and customizability
  • Laser cut and hand crafted in the United States for assured quality
  • Powdercoat painted to guarantee an enduring textured design

When it comes to the raw, lively taste of the outdoors, only the wisdom of a hardened expert can truly capture the earthen essence. Powdercoat painted to ensure long lasting durability and a quality texture, this fireplace screen is cut from a steel sheet with a 2000 watt laser beam, which ensures precision accuracy and exact forms. After each print is cut, the paint is applied in the form of a fine powder and then baked in an oven at 450 degrees, which fuses the paint to the metal with an inseparable, cured bond. This design comes in Wrinkle Black or Rust, and is guaranteed to satisfy with a 90-day limited warranty.


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