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48" Engineered Masonry Square Fire Pit System
Item#: 46000039

Give your outdoor room the clean finish it deserves with the 48" Engineered Masonry Square Fire Pit System. Interlocking modular concrete pieces join together to create the traditional campfire experience, capitalizing on a masonry construction that can support the veneer of your choosing.


  • Can be installed to burn wood, propane, or natural gas
  • Withstands more than 3,000 PSI
  • 100 year life expectancy
  • Pre-cut concrete pieces fit together with simple mortar application
  • Fire pit can be veneered with a masonry material of your choice

Where we come from, masonry means integrity—and that’s something that can’t be faked. This time-honored fire pit kit brings the stonework tradition to new heights of durability, now able to withstand more than 3,000 lbs. per square inch. From foundation to framing, this unit has been designed for efficiency—and by backing up the product with a 20 year warranty, we go the extra mile to guarantee your fireplace for a 100 year life expectancy.

Please Note: 3 bags of mortar are suggested when building the 48" Engineered Masonry Square Fire Pit System.


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