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Low Boy Gas Outdoor Fire Pit
Item#: N1010913

The Low Boy Gas Outdoor Fire Pit is handcrafted from 1/4" thick steel and welded together on the inside for a seamless appearance on the outside. These fire pits are manufactured in the heart of the Tennessee hillside, bringing that indefinable American ingenuity to each and every unit. By utilizing a uniquely designed gas burner, these fire pits will create flames that are unrivaled by most other fire pits on the market. Simply choose between a match-lit or electronic ignition and watch as your new fire pit roars with an unquenchable inferno.


  • Natural gas or liquid propane options available
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Cut from 1/4 inch thick steel
  • Each fire pit is unique
  • Powerful brass burner system

Each Fire Pit Art gas fire pit allows you to customize your finish options to best fit your own personal style. Whether you want your fire pit to be painted with the highest quality high temperature paints or you love that modern rust patina look that come standard with these fire pits, there is a finish for you! To illustrate just how unique each fire pit is, there will be a brass plate attached to the base of your fire pit engraved with your unit's own unique identification number!


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