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Saturn Gas Outdoor Fire Pit
Item#: N1010901

The Saturn Gas Outdoor Fire Pit will change the atmosphere of your outdoor living space. Have you ever felt constrained by the small and frail fire pits found throughout the market? If so, then this fire pit could be the one for you. Made from ¼” thick steel, its durable construction assures you of having this functional art for many years to come. This fire pit features a standard iron oxide patina or optional high temperature paint finish on the outside. The iron oxide patina will darken a little with time then become permanent while the inside is coated with a high temperature resistant paint and features a rain drain in the bottom.


  • Natural gas or liquid propane option available
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Cut from 1/4 inch thick steel
  • Each fire pit is unique
  • High-quality brass burner

The Saturn Gas Outdoor Fire Pit allows you to choose between a match-lit or electronic ignition system and features a brass burner that will push out some of the largest flames you will see on any gas fire pit on the market. You will never have to worry about a wimpy flame height like you do on some other gas fire pits - the Saturn will constantly amaze you with the sheer size of flames you can draw from it.

With the Saturn Fire Pit you get a unique, handmade piece of functional art that will please you for years. And you can rest assured with the knowledge that you are getting quality found only in products made in the USA. To prove that each piece is custom made for you, each fire pit has a brass plate mounted on it with its own unique serial number. This assures you that you have a one-of-a-kind fire pit.


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