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The Tidal Gas Outdoor Fire Pit
Item#: N1010904

The Tidal Gas Outdoor Fire Pit is hand-crafted in the USA from 1/4" steel to guarantee a quality that can't be found in other products. With your choice of a match-lit or electronic ignition for your fire pit, and a brass burner system that will create some of the most impressive flames you will see in any gas fire pit, The Tidal is sure to set your outdoor space apart from that of your neighbors.


  • Natural gas or liquid propane option available
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Cut from 1/4 inch thick steel
  • Rain drain in the bottom
  • Brass burner system

Each Tidal Gas Outdoor Fire Pit is handmade by a skilled metal working artist. He grew up in a Mennonite farming village nestled in the Illinois prairie. The Mennonites taught him the value of hard work in their farms and their machinists showed him the art of joining together of metals. Using brazing rods and arc welders, they repaired and built their farm equipment.Now dozens of years later, he lives and works with his family on the banks of Barton Creek in the rolling hills of Tennessee. Although the tools he uses in metal sculpture have improved over the years, the core skills learned long ago remain the same.

Each piece has a brass plate with its unique number. No two pieces carry the same number. This assures your fire pit's individuality.


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