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Napoleon Large Insulated Jacket for Built-In Grills
Item#: 3550744

The Napoleon Large Insulated Jacket for Built-In Grills is a necessary accessory for your built-in grill that is located in a combustible atmosphere. This stainless steel jacket protects you and your family from dangerous circumstances that can arise from the grill's heat catching the island on fire. It also prevents charring or discoloration to your island that are both commonly caused from the excessive heat spreading over them. The jacket is installed in between the grill and the island, creating a wall in between the grill's heat and the gorgeous kitchen that you want to protect.


  • Perfectly fits the Napoleon 6 & 7-Burner Grills
  • Forms a liner between your grill and island
  • Prevents charring and discoloration

Forming a liner between your grill and kitchen island is very important for safety and durability. This jacket perfectly fits the Napoleon 6 and 7-burner grills, making a casing around them to protect the picture-perfect environment that you have created. The insulated jacket must be installed before the grill itself is installed.


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