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Vermont Castings Insulated Jacket for VCS300SSBI
Item#: 3900101

The Vermont Castings Insulated Jacket for VCS300SSBI is exactly what you need if you are planning to put your 3-burner built-in grill in a combustible island area. The stainless steel jacket is designed to be inserted into the island before the grill is inserted, so that it creates a division between the grill and the island. This heavy duty division prevents the combustible island from catching on fire, charring, or discoloring due to the heat of the grill.


  • Stainless steel
  • Needed for grills built into combustible islands
  • Protects enclosure from high heats

The insulated jacket is important to consider when constructing your built-in grill, especially if your outdoor kitchen has a combustible core. It protects your kitchen from being destroyed from extremely high heats, keeping your outdoor experience safe and enjoyable.


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