American Outdoor Grill Rotisserie Kit - 30" grill
Item#: 57501642

Expand your grilling skills by adding the American Outdoor Grill Rotisserie Kit - 30" grill to your new grill! The kit includes a stainless steel spit rod with handle, two forks with thumb screws, a reversible motor, and a counterbalance. The square rod is made of stainless steel and has a synthetic, easy-to-grip handle. The motor runs on 110V, comes with an on/off switch, and turns clockwise but will reverse automatically if an obstacle impedes rotation.


  • Motor runs on 110V and has on/off switch
  • Includes stainless steel, square spit rod with synthetic handle, forks, motor, counterbalance
  • Reversible motor with stainless steel case around motor housing


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