Ronda Food Container with Handles - 13" x 5"
Item#: 3930034

The Ronda Food Container with Handles - 13" x 5" is the perfect match for your outdoor kitchen area, having the ability to expand your cooking possibilities. The heavy duty food container is constructed with 304 stainless steel, giving durability and a modern, finished look. The rectangular food container is equipped with handles, making it easy to insert into a built-in drawer. This convenient accessory gives you the ability to store your picture-perfect fruits or steamed vegetables in an enclosed environment, designed to keep your favorite foods warm or cool until meal-time. Using hot water or ice with these food containers will eliminate unnecessary trips to the kitchen, keeping food fresh until all of your guests arrive.


  • 304 Stainless steel construction
  • Built-in handles for safe transportation
  • Perfect for keeping food warm or cool
  • Designed to use with built-in drawers
  • Available in multiple sizes

The stainless steel cooking tool is conveniently available in multiple sizes, making it compatible with almost any cooking style. While the depth varies, the overall dimensions remain the same, giving it the ability to hold more without taking up additional drawer space. It's compatible drawers have deep dimensions, making the two fit perfectly together to make your preparation process short and simple.


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