Ronda Round Sink - 16"
Item#: 3930020

The Ronda Round Sink - 16" is a wonderful addition to your outdoor kitchen area, greatly expanding your outdoor cooking possibilities. The stainless steel round sink is designed for new or existing outdoor kitchens that can have appliances built-in. It's finish is complimentary to almost every decor style and it gives any kitchen a more modern look. The sink is extremely useful, making it possible to do tasks anywhere from washing dishes to rinsing fruits and veggies while you are enjoying the outdoors.


  • 304 Stainless steel construction
  • Designed specifically for outdoor kitchens
  • Equipped with waste pipe
  • Perfect for washing fruits, veggies or cooking utensils

The round sink is designed to perfectly fit your new or existing kitchen and make your outdoor cooking sessions easy and enjoyable. It is equipped with a waste pipe, making any messes that are made go away even faster than you would think! Enhance your kitchen and make your outdoor cooking experience as simple as possible with this convenient outdoor sink./p>

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