Best Gas Fire Pits for Decks

Upgrade your deck with this year's hottest gas fire pits!

It's a beautiful night outside, so you gather your family together and head out to your deck. You flip a switch, and within a matter of seconds, you and your family are sitting around a beautiful fire, talking, laughing, and enjoying the weather. You've created the ultimate gathering spot just a few short steps from your house. At the center of it your gas fire pit.

Not only are gas fire pits the easiest, safest, and most hassle-free way to enjoy an outdoor fire, but they also don’t produce smoke or sparks, and are simple to maintain. Lighting the fire is as painless as pushing a button or flipping switch.

Without the hassle of starting a wood fire, avoiding smoke, and watching out for sparks, you'll be free to enjoy uninterrupted quality time lounging around your gas fire pit with the ones you love.

If you're looking for the perfect gas fire pit for your deck, but don't know where to start, we've got you covered!


We chose each fire pit in this list based on its size, weight, material, clearance requirements, and overall aesthetics.

The size and weight of a fire pit play a significant role in whether or not it will work for a deck. You have to make sure that your deck structure can support the added weight of a fire pit and that it isn't too large or heavy to move it onto the deck. Plus, it needs to look good!


Montego Gas Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom

$1,518.99 & up

What Makes It Great:

With an elegant look and convenient hidden tank design, the Montego Fire Table is just what you need to complete your deck. A sturdy aluminum frame, resin wicker base, and glass tempered top create a beautiful and weather-proof finish that will match any style or taste.

Key Features:

A matching burner cover allows you to convert the fire pit into a smooth glass tabletop for use during the day while the hollow base makes storing your propane tank easy and convenient. The linear burner system produces up to 100,000 BTUs and features an automatic ignition system with variable flame control to make starting and adjusting the fire incredibly simple.

wrench icon Pro Tip:

Automatic ignition systems make controlling fire easy. They can pair with a wall switch, hand-held remote, automated pool controller, or Smart Home system.

Cove Gas Fire Bowl by The Outdoor GreatRoom

$2,183.99 & up

What Makes It Great:

The Cove Gas Fire Bowl is constructed of durable Supercast™ concrete. It features a unique worn gray finish that complements an array of outdoor decks, and with a 30-inch diameter burner area and 42-inch total width, it’s the perfect bowl size for gathering around with loved ones and friends.

Key Features:

The Crystal Fire® Burner produces 90,000 BTUs and is UL Listed to ensure safety and efficacy. Choose between a match-lit or automatic ignition system with remote control and add on the optional glass guard to protect the flames from windy conditions.

Uptown Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom

$3,513.99 & up

What Makes It Great:

With an ultramodern two-tiered design, the Uptown Fire Pit Table makes an excellent addition to contemporary decks. It features a stucco base and granite tiled top with extra space around the perimeter for your drinks and snacks.

Key Features:

The 42-inch stainless steel linear burner produces 100,000 BTUs of heat and can be covered with the included gray glass burner cover to create a stylish outdoor table. A hidden tank design allows you to hide your propane tank from view while the direct spark ignition system makes lighting the fire easy.

Concrete Gas Fire Bowl by Kingsman

$2,518.20 & up

What Makes It Great:

Kingsman’s Concrete Gas Fire Bowls are perfect for decks with limited space. The modern bowl design adds style and elegance to any setting while the choice of color and texture lets you coordinate with your outdoor style.

Key Features:

Handcast concrete construction provides a beautiful, low-maintenance finish, along with strength and durability. Available in Natural Gas and Liquid Propane configurations, each fire bowl comes with a match-lit ignition system, 65,000 BTU burner, and lava rock media.

Key Largo by The Outdoor GreatRoom

$2,278.99 & up

What Makes It Great:

The Key Largo is lightweight, easy to assemble, and hides a propane tank, making it perfect for a deck. The linear design features a dark stucco base and gray Supercast™ top that looks at home in both modern and traditional outdoor spaces.

Key Features:

The striking Crystal Fire® burner system produces up to 100,000 BTUs of heat and creates a beautiful flame display. Use the included burner cover to seamlessly convert the Key Largo into a tabletop when the burner is not in use. Choose between a push-button or automatic ignition system to control the fire.

Sierra Square Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom

$2,563.99 & up

What Makes It Great:

The Sierra Square Fire Pit Table features a stacked stone base and durable Supercast™ top, mixing and matching textures to create a stunning focal point that goes beautifully with traditional decking materials. The square design and chat height make it great for enjoying drinks, snacks, and conversation around the fire with family and friends.

Key Features:

The Sierra Square features a linear Crystal Fire® burner, 80,000 BTU heat output, tempered glass burner cover, and electric piezo ignition system for convenient lighting. It’s built to run on Propane, but also includes a Natural Gas orifice if you’d like to convert the unit to Natural Gas.


If you've been thinking about installing a gas fire pit on your deck, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

What are the clearance requirements?

Check the fire pit owner’s manual for clearance requirements. This will help you determine which fire pits are best for your deck and if you need a non-combustible base.

Generally, you will need a minimum of 3 feet of clearance from the fire pit's sides and 6 feet above the burner, though some fire pits may require more.

wrench icon Pro Tip:

All fire pits require a certain amount of space between the open flames and surrounding combustible materials. These are known as clearance requirements or clearance to combustibles.

Does your city allow fire pits on decks?

You’ll need to check your local city ordinances to find out if a fire pit is approved for installation on your deck, or even in your backyard.

Every city has different requirements for clearance to combustibles and which fuel types are okay to use in residential outdoor spaces, so it's essential that you check them before purchasing a fire pit.

How much do you want to spend?

Determining your budget up-front will help you narrow down the list of gas fire pits you have picked out. It will also help to influence the type of ignition system you choose (manual or automatic), and if a custom-made fire pit is right for you.

Natural Gas or Liquid Propane?

Decide which source of gas you want to use. Read up on the benefits of Natural Gas and Liquid Propane here to help you choose.


Find out even more about putting a fire pit on your wood deck in this podcast episode and this in-depth article. If you'd like to talk about installation requirements or need help picking out a gas fire pit for your deck, call our team of NFI certified experts at (800) 919-1904!


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