A traditional living room with a beige, geometric-print accent chair, a large  dark brown leather couch, a white shaggy area rug, and a large feature wall with natural stone detailing, a wooden mantel, and a linear electric fireplace with glowing embers and orange flames.

The Top 5 Electric Fireplaces

Looking for a simple, affordable way to upgrade your space? Explore our top-rated electric fireplaces!

Electric fireplaces are one of the simplest and most cost-effective solutions to a cozier home. Without the need for masonry work, a chimney, or a gas line, you can put an electric fireplace in any room of the house. Plus, with no clearance requirements, you can install one into an entertainment center or bookshelf. Electric fireplaces are also eco-friendly and won’t produce harmful emissions. 

Though electric fireplaces are easy to install, it’s still important to find a model that fits your space and style. To simplify your search, we’ve listed five electric fireplaces our customers love!   


What Makes It Great: 

With five sizes to choose from and no installation restrictions, you can safely add the Entice to any area of your home. Its brilliant, orange and blue flames instantly set the tone for any cozy occasion.

Key Features:

The Entice offers easy, flexible installation with a slim, "plug-and-play" design that can be mounted on the wall or fully recessed for a flush finish. It also comes with simple, touch-screen controls and a hand-held remote, so you can adjust the flames and heat from the comfort of your seat.   


What Makes It Great:

The Redstone captures classic, wood fireplace ambiance with its natural-looking flame pattern and detailed Driftwood-style logs. Its tall vertical viewing area puts the fire on full display, while the powerful built-in heater warms 400 square feet of space.  

Key Features: 

You can easily slide the Redstone into an existing zero-clearance fireplace or recess it into the wall. Colorful accent lighting enhances the Redstone's acrylic ember bed and orange-lit Driftwood logs for a custom, colorful display. Touch-button controls and a hand-held remote allow you to adjust the flames and ember bed separately, so you can alter the ambiance to match your mood.  


What Makes It Great: 

Dimplex's modern IgniteXL Series makes a bold statement with realistic, multi-level flames and a color-shifting ember bed. Switch your fireplace to Prism Mode and watch it slowly cycle through a rainbow of colors or freeze it on your favorite shade.   

Key Features: 

You'll be able to install the IgniteXL's clean, frameless design into stone, brick, and other textured finishing materials. The patented Comfort$aver® heating system warms up to 1,000 square feet of space, while helping you save on energy costs. Use the precision thermostat to maintain your ideal comfort level, or switch the heater off and enjoy the flames alone.  

#2: 60" ORION SLIM ELECTRIC FIREPLACE by Modern Flames  

What Makes It Great: 

Experience the most authentic electric fire in the industry with the Orion Slim's randomized, multi-dimensional flames, rustic Western Driftwood logs, and ambient cracking sounds sampled from a real wood fire.  

Key Features: 

Three flame patterns, six flame colors, adjustable flame speed, and multi-colored ember bed lighting let you alter the look of your fireplace at any time. You can also download new flame patterns, colors, and sounds as they become available from Modern Flames. Operate your Orion Slim with the multi-function remote control or download the Modern Flames mobile app to use your smart device.  


What Makes It Great:

The Landscape Pro Slim’s contemporary, frameless design and edge-to-edge viewing area offers an incredible view of the multi-colored flames, while its modest, 6-inch depth accommodates compact spaces, like bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, and entryways.

Key Features: 

Rated for both indoor and outdoor settings, the Landscape Pro Slim comes with clear acrylic stone media and hand-painted Canyon Driftwood logs. Its flexible, zero-clearance design can be mounted to the wall and plugged into a standard outlet or recessed and hardwired into your home's electrical system. Operate your new focal point with the simple, touch-button control panel or upgrade to wall-mounted controls or a hand-held remote. For ultimate convenience, use the integrated Wi-Fi controls to connect the Landscape Pro to your smart device.  


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