Three copper fire bowls with water pouring out of the sides installed in the center of a large, round pool.

8 Incredible Fire & Water Features

See how the fusion of fire and water can bring your outdoor space to life with these inspiring custom projects!

Last Updated: June 11, 2024

When paired together, fire and water can create visually appealing displays that are equal parts exciting, mesmerizing, and relaxing. You may not think these two opposing elements would make a great match, but their differences actually complement each other in a way that heightens the beautiful qualities present in each.

See just how perfectly the custom fire and water features below have brought their respective spaces to life!

#1 Rooftop Fire Fountain

A rooftop lounge in Los Angeles received the upgrade of a lifetime with this contemporary fire fountain. Water flows over the center globe into a basin of water, while flames dance along the surface, creating the illusion of fire floating on water.

Coupled with the view, this makes for one mesmerizing display!

#2 Fire & Water Bowls

Fire and water bowls provide another element of interest to this otherwise intriguing, modern poolscape. Vibrant flames and smooth, flowing water add a level of unpredictability that can only be found in nature.

By incorporating both elements into the space, the designer struck a balance between the organic elements of the fire and water bowls, and the strong, geometric lines of the pool.

#3 Contemporary Fire Fountain

A traditional fountain transformed into a modern, grandiose sculpture with the addition of a fire bowl and vibrant, blue LED lights.

The accent lighting adds a cool, contemporary factor, while the fire creates a striking contrast to draw you in.

#4 Infinity Reflecting Pool

This striking outdoor accent piece fused a linear fire pit and a water fountain to create an ultramodern infinity reflecting pool.The dark stone finish and infinity design create one fluid surface to perfectly reflect and enhance the dazzling quality of the fire.

The surrounding structural detailing only enhances the restorative effects of the reflecting pool, bringing cohesiveness to the space.

#5 Private Outdoor Oasis

Fire bowls, miniature backlit water jets, and a waterfall create visual interest to draw the eye around the organic curves of this private pool.

The intensity of the golden flames contrast perfectly with the cool blue hue of the water and lush greenery, producing an inspiring display of vibrant color.

#6 Poolside Firewall

A private homeowner used a custom-made tube burner to create this amazing fire feature along the length of their infinity pool.

Not only does the fire accentuate the curvature of the pool’s edge but it also adds warmth, light, and intrigue.

#7 Lely Resort Fire Fountain

Lely Resort in Florida took its fountain to the next level with these stunning fire and water bowls that feature four illuminated jets of water shooting out of the bottom of each bowl.

#8 Private Island Grotto

Layers of textured rock, glowing fire, soothing water, natural greenery, and vibrant lighting were brought together to create this breathtaking private island grotto.

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