An industrial living space with custom wood plank finished walls, a large exposed cement hearth with a linear gas fireplace and a flatscreen TV, two large white couches, and a solid metal square coffee table.

Industrial Style Guide

Explore the features of industrial design to create a cohesive, clutter-free home with plenty of architectural interest  

Inspired by the stripped-back look of warehouses, factories, and the like, industrial design is all about creating a cohesive, utilitarian atmosphere that's functional and clutter-free.  

Perfect for those who prefer a “no frills” approach to home decor, industrial spaces have a muted color scheme, natural materials, blocky furniture with crisp, squared edges, and worn, salvaged pieces.  

Industrial design relies heavily on incorporating raw building materials into a space, such as wood, iron, brick, leather, concrete, and metal.

These architectural details are meant to look unfinished, providing a casual, lived-in environment that’s practical, laidback, and timeless.  

Industrial Fireplaces

Industrial Fireplace Doors  

Industrial Fire Pits 

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