A mid-century modern living room with a floor to ceiling window, two large white couches, a large wood rectangular coffee table, a white retro lounge chair with a matching ottoman, and a natural wood hearth with a linear gas fireplace and a Driftwood log set.

Mid-Century Modern Style Guide

Explore the features of Mid-Century Modern design to create a functional, retro-inspired space 

Mid-Century Modern design refers to the simple, clean, and functional furnishings of the 20th century. It reflected society’s desire for a more modern, organic way of life.  

This retro style has two main goals, simplicity and functionality. Mid-Century Modern spaces are minimally decorated with clean, curved lines and raw materials, like wood, glass, and vinyl. 

Mid-Century Modern style also incorporates modular or multipurpose wood furniture in non-traditional shapes, such as ovals and triangles.  

Though natural elements and neutral colors dominate Mid-Century Modern design, it also embraces sporadic pops of color and geometric prints. Popular accent colors in a Mid-Century Modern home include red, sage green, yellow, and blush pink.   

Mid-Century Modern Fireplaces

Mid-Century Modern Fire Pits 

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