Modern Boho Style Guide

Explore the concept of Modern Boho design to create a free-spirited, colorful space that reflects your personal interests 

Modern Boho design displays the organic textures, patterns, colors, and motifs of nature.  

Free-spirited and artistic, Boho encourages mixing, matching, layering, and experimenting with different textures and patterns. Think fringe details, colorful embroidery, and mixed prints. 

Many people also include trinkets from their travels, creating an inviting and meaningful space that paves the way for conversation.  

Textiles and woven furnishings, such as rattan and wicker, are common in Modern Boho design. These pieces create a cozy, lived-in feel, while adding visual interest to your space.

You can also play around with vibrant accent colors, trendy patterns, soft fabrics, and lace for more depth and dimension.  

The best part about Modern Boho design is that it provides complete creative freedom. It’s a style that fully embraces imperfection, yet still looks intentional and put-together.  

Modern Boho Fireplaces

Modern Boho Fire Pits

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