A modern farmhouse-inspired living space with custom, natural stone finished walls, a white accent wall with a linear wood burning fireplace, a wood storage area underneath the fireplace, and black fireplace tools.

Modern Farmhouse Style Guide

Discover the features of Modern Farmhouse design to create a charming, cozy space that pays homage to simpler times 

Modern Farmhouse style pays homage to simpler times, without sacrificing any of the present-day luxuries we’re used to.  

The word “farmhouse” makes most people picture a cottage-inspired space filled with rustic, barnyard accents. However, Modern Farmhouse style is the contemporary take on traditional country, with natural touches, smooth lines, brushed metals, and a neural color palette.  

Modern Farmhouse is charming, welcoming, and organic. It relies on layers of cozy materials, warm colors, and classic patterns, along with comfortable furniture and salvaged materials, such as reclaimed wood.  

Modern Farmhouse Fireplaces

Modern Farmhouse Fire Pits

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