A modern living and dining room with a white, round dining table, three clear acrylic dining chairs, and wall with a flatscreen TV in the background, and a large partition in the middle of the room with a linear gas fireplace.

Modern Style Guide

Explore the features of modern design to create a chic, functional space that looks and feels luxurious 

Modern design is rooted in modernism, a turn-of-the-century art movement focused on abstract thinking, functionality, and simple forms.  

This chic, clean style is characterized by straight lines, monochromatic colors, geometric forms, and natural lighting. 

Modern spaces are typically free of clutter and ornate decorations. Many modern homes also have an open floor plan, using furniture to distinguish different areas.

Modern style incorporates low, long furniture made from natural materials or unpainted wood and metal. Other common finishes include leather, stone, wood, glass, chrome, steel, and concrete. 

Modern Fireplaces

Modern Fireplace Doors

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Modern Fire Pits

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