A minimalist living room with white floor and walls, a floor-to-ceiling window, white couches and accent chairs, and a linear electric fireplace.

Scandinavian/Minimalist Style Guide 

Explore the features of Scandinavian or “minimalist” design to create a bright, uncluttered living space with natural accents 

Scandinavian or “minimalist” style is marked by clean lines, simple accent pieces, and functionality.  

First introduced in 1950, Scandinavian design incorporates organic elements, such as lush floor plants and bright natural lighting. It also encourages the use of sustainable decor and neutral, monochromatic color schemes.  

Natural wooden furniture and textured materials, like cotton and wool, reinforce the organic nature of Scandinavian design.  

Most spaces that follow this simplistic style also have an open floor plan and multiple light sources, creating a bright and breezy environment that doesn’t feel harsh or sterile.  

Scandinavian/Minimalist Fireplaces

Scandinavian/Minimalist Fire Pits 

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