Sere Fia Steel Gas Fire Pit - 30"

Item # M44500017

3.875 out of 5 Customer Rating (8) Reviews FAQs

Sere Fia Steel Gas Fire Pit - 30"

Item # M44500017

3.875 out of 5 Customer Rating (8) Reviews FAQs

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2 to 3 Weeks |Free Freight Shipping!
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Product Details

Forged from 11 gauge cor-ten steel, the Sere Fia Steel Gas Fire Pit - 30" is built for unmatched durability and a classic, antique look. Also known as Weathering Steel, the cor-ten alloy is designed to form a rust-like appearance when exposed to the elements without the damaging effects of corrosion. This process takes place over the first few months of exposure, during which time the metal adopts a distinct patina unique to your fire pit.

The Sere Fia Steel Gas Fire Pit - 30" is the perfect mixture of rugged versatility and modern flair for those looking to set apart their patio space with with one of the most impressive fire pit designs on the market today. Utilizing a media grate placed 4" from the top of the bowl, the fire ring is positioned above the grate, allowing the flames to diffuse through the lava rock or fire glass and burst forth in vivid shades of red, yellow, and orange. For those who want to use propane to fuel their fire pit, there are configurations for either hiding a propane tank in the base of the fire pit or having a gas line plumbed to the unit from an outside source. Just like fire itself, this work of art is free to be molded however it best fits your lifestyle.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the longevity of the fire pit, the manufacturer recommends using a cover when not in use.

Note: The runoff from the weathering process may stain lighter surfaces so it is recommended that the fire pit be kept off of surfaces it may damage until the weathering process is complete.


  • Available in natural gas or propane
  • No assembly required
  • Durable cor-ten steel construction
  • Smaller size allows for easy mobility
  • Unit arrives unstained, then naturally patinas

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  • Fuel Type: Propane | Natural Gas
  • Type: Artisan | Hidden Tank | Chat Height
  • Ignition: Match Lit
  • Shape: Round
  • Overall Width: 30"
  • Overall Height: 18" | 27"
  • Material: Corten Steel
  • Burning Area Width/Diameter: 20"
  • Burning Area Depth: 4"
  • Minimum Heat Output: 40,000 BTUs
  • Maximum Heat Output: 65,000 BTUs | 85,000 BTUs
  • Finish: Natural Patina
  • Color: Rust
  • Burning Display: Fire Glass | Lava Rock
  • Suggested Fire Glass: 80 lbs. | 40 lbs.
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Item Weight: 157 lbs. | 191 lbs.
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
Free freight shipping on this product HOW FREIGHT WORKS


Q: Does the extertor get hot to the touch? A: The exterior of the base will not get hot to the touch, but over time the top near the burner will get warm. Thanks for your inquiry.
Q: Where is the door for the tank? A: The access door for the propane tank is located on the side of the fire pit.
Q: What is the process to change a tank? A: The fire pit has an access door to the interior. Changing the tank is similar to to changing the tank of a propane grill. The tank is unattached from the hose and then replaced. 
Q: What is the function and reason for the fireglass pan? A: The pan is used to raise the level of the fireglass close to the top of the fire pit.
Q: Where does the propane tank go? A: The propane tank would need to be housed outside of the unit.
Q: Does the patina process stain the surface under the fire pit? For example, will it stain/discolor a concrete patio? A: During the weathering process, this Cor-Ten steel fire pit may leach rust onto the surface it sits on. It is recommended that any light colored surface is protected during the weathering process.
Q: Can I set this on my wooden deck? A: No, this unit is designed for use on an open air patio area that is constructed of non-combustible material.

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Product Reviews

just right

the medium actually were smaller than I expected but work well combined with the larger size lava rocks. i mixed them in my gas log fireplace and they radiate even more heat and enhance the flames making a very realistic looking ....almost could pass for wood...fireplace.

Lava Rock

The basic lava rock that comes with the gas logs is very lame. The 3rd party lava rock was excellent. I would advise recommending the lava rock from American Glass in addition to what the log company sends. The 5lbs is not enough.

Bero Fia 30" Hidden Tank Fire Pit

This looks to be an excellent product. My wife is quite pleased with it. The manufacturer's owner's manual differs from the actual product in a couple of places, but it's no big deal.

NG Fire pit

Sere Fia 30" Gas Fire Pit with Fireglass Pan - NG Just installed and it was easy to set up and added the blue glass. It is really nice, puts out good heat. One caution is the top rim will get hot and you will need to make sure everyone including kids are careful. But, it is well made, good craftsman ship very please with the purchase.



Overall it works well. It came with door for the propane tank such that the screw to close the door did not match up with socket, we need to jimmy the door to close. Also the screw was broken off so I had to buy a new thumb screw to close the door


Product cameos as shipping.

Lava rocks

They arrived much faster then expected.